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58º world press photo: (general news - singles) - 1º prémio



26 August 2014

Donetsk, Ukraine

Damaged goods lie in a kitchen in downtown Donetsk. Ordinary workers, miners, teachers, pensioners, children, and elderly women and men are in the midst of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Artillery fire killed three people and wounded 10 on 26 August 2014.

Sergei Ilnitsky
Sergei Ilnitsky is a staff photographer for European Pressphoto Agency (EPA) in Moscow since 2003. He was born in 1974 in the small town of Mariupol, Ukraine. His passion for photography started as a child. He attended the Academy of Arts and Culture in Siberia while freelancing for newspapers and advertising agencies. Upon graduation, he worked at the regional newspaper Kuznetsky Kray. In 1995, he began as a stringer for EPA assigned to the Siberian region of Russia.


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57º world press photo: (general news - stories) - 3º prémio



10 December 2013

Gaza City, Gaza

Al Mansura Street


Gaza’s only power station closed in November, after it ran out of diesel. For years, supply from the Israeli grid had been intermittent, and electricity cuts due to fuel shortages had long been a daily occurrence. Torrential rain and severe flooding in Gaza in December led to even longer blackouts than usual. Alternative diesel supplies had previously been smuggled into Gaza from Egypt, through tunnels running under the frontier. But earlier in the year, the Egyptian military—which had overthrown a Muslim Brotherhood government sympathetic to Gaza’s Hamas rule—had closed most of the tunnels. In response to the flooding, Israel temporarily lifted its blockade and permitted an emergency supply of 450,000 liters of fuel, paid for by Qatar, into Gaza. The power station gradually resumed operation, but Gaza’s infrastructure remains inadequate to meet its energy needs.






Gianluca Panella
Gianluca Panella is an independent italian photojournalist focused on social reportage, current affairs, and portraits. He has traveled to the Balkans, Egypt, Haiti, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, the United States, Europe, Israel and the Palestinian Territories. His photography has been featured in a variety of Italian and international publications.


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57º world press photo: (general news - singles) - 3º prémio



20 January 2013

Tehran, Iran

Alireza Mafiha (23) lays his head on an executioner’s shoulder on 20 January, minutes before he and Mohammad Ali Sarvari (20) were hanged. The pair had been convicted of stabbing a man and stealing his bag, with belongings worth around €15. The man survived the attack. Iran is the second-highest executioner in the world. In 2013, the death sentence is believed to have been carried out on some 600 people.

Amir Pourmand
Amir Pourmand is an Iranian photographer with an extensive career covering sports, natural disasters in Iran and the Iranian presidential elections. In 2008, Pourmand earned a BA in Visual Communication from the University of Science and Culture in Tehran. He worked as a staff photographer for Iranian Labour News Agency in 2005 and Mehr News Agency in 2006, eventually becoming a freelance photographer in 2010.


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57º world press photo: (general news - stories) - 2º prémio



09 December 2013

Bangui, Central African Republic.

A relative of 20-year-old Sept-Abel Sangomalet mourns his death. Members of an armed Muslim group stabbed Sangomalet while he was asleep. His body was found outside his family home. 


In March, an alliance of mainly Muslim rebel groups known as Séléka seized power in the Central African Republic (CAR). The Séléka were then disbanded, but renegade groups continued to target civilians of the country’s Christian majority. Vigilante Christian militia, known as Anti-balaka, sprung up to defend their communities. Hundreds were killed, and some 400,000 people displaced, as violence in the CAR escalated. France sent 1,600 troops to the country to protect civilians and disarm the various militias, while the United Nations warned of deepening chaos and a spiral into genocide.


William Daniels
William Daniels' work revolves around social issues and humanitarian concerns mostly focusing on isolated or weakened communities. His past projects have focused on malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis, as well as the aftermaths of the tsunami in Asia and the earthquake in Haiti. He has also covered conflict in Libya, Kyrgyzstan and Central African Republic.
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57º world press photo: (general news - singles) - 2º prémio



20 March 2013

Aleppo, Syria

A bomb maker for Syrian rebel forces works in a makeshift bomb factory in the country’s largest city, Aleppo. As the civil war in Syria dragged on into its second year, conflict broke out between factions within the armed opposition forces. Much of the in-fighting was directed against the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and other Islamist groups focused on enforcing sharia law. As rebel factions turned on one another, government troops took the opportunity to launch concerted attacks on rebel-held and contested areas, subjecting Aleppo to heavy bombardment.

Moises Saman
Moises Saman was born in 1974 in Lima, Peru, but spent most of his youth in Barcelona, Spain, after his family moved there. Moises studied communications and sociology in the United Sates at California State University, graduating in 1998. It was during his last year in university that Moises first became interested in becoming a photographer, influenced by the work of a number of photojournalists that had been covering the wars in the Balkans.
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57º world press photo: (general news - singles) - 1º prémio


21 November 2013

Military Ramp, an emergency refugee center, was opened in September 2013 in an abandoned school in Sofia, Bulgaria. The center provides housing for about 800 Syrian refugees, including 390 children. Bulgaria, already hard hit by the economic crisis and heightened political instability, is confronting a refugee crisis that appears to coincide with increased efforts by Greece to close off its border with Turkey. Bulgaria, however, is totally unprepared to face a refugee crisis.

Alessandro Penso
Alessandro Penso studied clinical psychology at Rome's La Sapienza University. In 2007, he received a scholarship to study photojournalism at the Scuola Romana di Fotografia. Since he completed his studies, his work has won several awards, including the PDN Photo Student Award, the PDN Photo Annual Award, Px3, the Project Launch Award in Santa Fe 2011, and the Terry O' Neill TAG Award 2012.
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56º world press photo: (HM prémio - general news - singles)


Pepper Spray

30 March 2012

Jerusalem, Israel

Israeli border police officers use pepper spray as they detain a Palestinian protestor during clashes after Friday prayers on Land Day, outside Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Land Day commemorates the killing of six Arabs by security forces on 30 March 1976, amid protests against land appropriation in Galilee. A number of the annual rallies marking the event in Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank turned violent, with demonstrators throwing stones, while security forces fired rubber bullets, tear gas, and stun grenades to disperse the protests.

Ammar Awad

Ammar Awad
Ammar Awad was born in Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank in 1981. Awad has a Jordanian nationality. Ammar joined Reuters in 2000 as a stringer and became a staff photographer in 2007. Awad covers events in Israel and the West Bank has covered events such as the Second Lebanon War in 2006 and the Israeli offensives in Gaza. Awad also travels and assists with Reuters coverage around the Middle East: He was in Iraq in 2003, in Lebanon in 2006 and in Yemen and Libya in 2011.
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56º world press photo: (3º prémio - general news - stories)

Japan After the Wave

02 March 2012

Ishinomaki, Migayi, Japan

People walk down a road in a neighborhood of Ishinomaki, Japan, one of the cities most ravaged by the 2011 tsunami.


A year after the March 2011 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated large areas of northeastern Japan, thousands of people remained without homes, and the Japanese government was still struggling to dispose of rubble and help rebuild livelihoods. 



Daniel Berehulak

Daniel Berehulak
Daniel Berehulak is a New Delhi-based photographer for the Getty Images News Service, covering South Asia and beyond. A native of Sydney, Australia, he studied history at the University of New South Wales.
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56º world press photo: (3º prémio - general news - singles)

Sudan Border Wars

17 April 2012

Heglig, Sudan

A Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) soldier lies dead in a pool of oil next to a leaking oil facility in the town of Heglig, after a clash with the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA).

The SPLA is the army of the Republic of South Sudan. For more than half a century Sudan’s northern regime in Khartoum fought the south in a conflict that cost two million lives. South Sudan gained its independence from the north in 2011, but the exact demarcation of the border was not settled, and some areas remained contested.

In April a battle broke out between Sudan and South Sudan over disputed oil fields, with the area around Heglig—officially in the north but claimed by the south—seeing some of the fiercest fighting. In September 2012, the presidents of Sudan and South Sudan agreed trade, oil and security deals, and planned to set up a demilitarized buffer zone, but border disputes remained unresolved.


Dominic Nahr

Dominic Nahr
Dominic Nahr was born in Switzerland, but raised in Hong Kong, where he established himself as a photojournalist working as a staff photographer for the South China Morning Post. In 2007, while at university in Toronto, Dominic became a freelance photographer, his work appearing in such publications as Newsweek and GQ. His current clients include National Geographic, Time and The Wall Street Journal. Dominic's accolades include an Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award, a PDN Top 30 Under 30, and an exhibition at Visa pour l'Image in Perpignan.
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56º world press photo: (2º prémio - general news - stories)

The Crescent

19 April 2012

Rochester, New York, USA

A family in the Crescent area of Rochester.


The group of deprived neighborhoods known as the ‘Crescent’, around the northern edge of downtown Rochester, New York State, USA, is renowned for its high crime and murder rates. Reasons given for these include a depressed local economy, and the large number of empty houses, prone to becoming locations for drug dealing.



Paolo Pellegrin

Paolo Pellegrin
Paolo Pellegrin was born in 1964 in Rome, Italy. He studied architecture at Sapienza Università di Roma, before moving on to photography at the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, also in the Italian capital. Between 1991 and 2001, Pellegrin was represented by Agence VU in Paris. In 2001, he became a Magnum Photos nominee, and a full member in 2005. He is a contract photographer for Newsweek magazine in the US and Zeit magazine in Germany.
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