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"à espera de godot"

"... é uma coisa que não é, mas faz de conta que é para ver como seria se fosse."

"à espera de godot"

"... é uma coisa que não é, mas faz de conta que é para ver como seria se fosse."


57º world press photo: (contemporary issues - stories) - 3º prémio



24 June 2011

Lodingen, Lofoten, Norway

A whale is brought aboard the Jan Bjorn, one of the Lofoten fishing community’s remaining whale boats.


The fishing community on the Lofoten islands of northwestern Norway is slowly diminishing, as their way of life is dying out. A traditional economy based on small-scale, sustainable whaling, and fishing from family-owned boats, is no longer viable. Whaling—which the islanders practice legally under an international dispensation, as an historically and culturally important industry—is a physically demanding and at times dangerous occupation. Costs are high and financial returns low, as there is no export demand for whale meat, and many Norwegians consider it Depression-era or eco-unfriendly food. Other fishing activity is being taken over by larger companies using trawlers, rather than small, family-owned boats. The younger generation is opting for safer, salaried work, away from the islands, often in the oil industry or tourism.




Marcus Bleasdale
Marcus Bleasdale is a documentary photographer who uses his work to influence policy makers around the world. His work on human rights and conflict has been shown at the US Senate, The US House of Representatives, The United Nations and the Houses of Parliament in the UK. Marcus' work also appears in the New Yorker, The New York Times, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Telegraph Magazine, Stern, Le Monde, TIME Magazine, Newsweek and National Geographic.



57º world press photo: (staged portraits - singles) - 3º prémio



01 October 2013

New York, USA

British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor (36) played a man kidnapped in 1841 and sold into the slave trade, in the film 12 Years a Slave. He won Best Actor at the Bafta awards for the role, and was also nominated for an Oscar.

Nadav Kander
United Kingdom
Nadav Kander is a London-based artist renowned for his portraiture and large-format landscape photographs.  Kander was born in Israel in 1961 and moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, when he was three. He began photographing at an early age and moved to London in 1982 where he still lives with his wife, Nicole, and their three children, Oren, Ella and Talia.


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