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"à espera de godot"

"... é uma coisa que não é, mas faz de conta que é para ver como seria se fosse."

"à espera de godot"

"... é uma coisa que não é, mas faz de conta que é para ver como seria se fosse."


57º world press photo: (observed portraits - stories) - 3º prémio



20 June 2012

Maramureş, Romania

The Borca family, from the village of Breb, put finishing touches to one of the 40 or so haystacks they make each summer.


In Transylvania and other remote areas of Romania, many people farm on a small scale, in ways unchanged for centuries. Their farms have among the lowest yields in Europe, but also some of the highest levels of self-sufficiency. Lack of money and suspicion of unfamiliar methods mean that few chemicals and artificial fertilizers are used. Farming families can expect an income of around €4,000 a year, often supplemented with earnings from other sources. Many are abandoning their farms for at least part of the year to work in cities abroad. Romania’s 2007 entry into the European Union also threatens this traditional way of life, as farmers cannot compete with European imports, and the small size of farms means they are not eligible for EU subsidies.




Rena Effendi
Rena Effendi was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, and grew up in the USSR, witnessing her country’s path to independence—one marred by war, political instability, and economic collapse. From the outset, Effendi focused her photography on issues of conflict, social justice, and the oil industry’s effect on people and the environment. From 2002 to 2008, Effendi followed a 1,700-kilometer pipeline through Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey documenting the impact this multibillion-dollar project had on impoverished farmers, fishermen, and other citizens.



foto da semana 03/2015: siberian ice cave


"A fearless photographer has risked his life to capture the inside of a rarely seen Siberian ice cave. Andrey Grachev, 35, journeyed across layers of cracked ice that could give way at any moment to capture the incredible frozen grotto. Accompanied by a trusted guide, Andrey, from Moscow was driven across the unstable frozen waters of Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia."




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